Our Hope

Emily Dickinson once wrote "Hope is the thing with feathers..." and it is in that spirit that we welcome you to the "Feathered Hope Series". We are proud to offer this stunning collection of limited edition fine art prints featuring the very best of our wild bird photography.

The proceeds of each sale are donated directly to a local non-profit rehabilitation center dedicated to the care, rehab and release of innumerable birds annually. Not only will you be investing in an incredible piece of art, but you're also helping our wild feathered friends in the process.
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Get off your "Qush"!

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Whether you wear it, drink from it, hang it on the  wall or stick it where you please, you'll be doing it in style and showing your REGi support with your new Get off your "Qush" gear!

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Marge Gibson Eagle Rare Life Award 2014 Nominee!

We are thrilled to announce Marge Gibson, Executive Director of Raptor Education Group, Inc., as an
official nominee of the 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award!

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Meet "Not Bob"!

This past Saturday we had occasion to stop out and visit Marge Gibson and some of the REGI crew including the newest member of their education team. A baby European Barn Owl.  As luck would have it, we had our cameras!