Q: Can I add framing/mounting to my order?
A: The sales prices listed do not include mounting and framing. However, if you are located in the Central Wisconsin area, we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Cheryl's Framing & Gallery in downtown Wausau, WI. Regardless of whether you purchased your "Feathered Hope Series" print at one of our local retailers or online, we highly recommend Cheryl for your framing needs. We are not able to offer framing options for online orders.

Q: Are the subjects of your photography captive birds?
A: No. While we are both very interested in the opportunity to photograph some of Raptor Education Group's many patients and residents, they operate under very strict guidelines as to how their education birds can/cannot be used. All of the images you will see on this site are of wild birds photographed after many, many, many, many hours of time outdoors behind the lens. :)

Q: How much of my investment actually reaches REGI?
A: No less than 60% of the money received from print sales is donated to support REGI's efforts. Once the "Feathered Hope" project has become more established our goal is to further reduce our costs and pass those savings on to REGI in the form of increased donations!

Q: Can I repost, reprint, reuse the images you post on Feathered Hope.Net?
A: Yes (and No). We encourage our readers to share our cause with friends and family in order to help us help our wild feathered friends. To that end we'd be thrilled for you to re-post our message through whichever social media outlets you prefer so long as those shares ALWAYS link back to the original source on Feathered Nope.Net.

This is the only type of "reproduction" permitted and it is conditional upon you're providing credit to Feathered Hope.Net by linking back to the original source on our web page. Any other use, either electronic or print, of any image from this website OR prints that you have purchased is an infringement of copyright law and will be pursued as a criminal action. In short, don't steal the food out of the beaks we're trying to save! :)

If you have an interest in licensing any of our images for either personal or commercial use, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by emailing info@FeatheredHope.net or submitting your request using our "ContactUs" page.

Q: I am a retailer interested in inventorying "Feathered Hope Series" prints. Are you accepting additional retailers?
A: We are always interested in increasing our viewing audience. Greater visibility leads to more sales which most importantly results in more donations to REGI. Please email us at info@FeatheredHope.net and we'll see what we can work out.

Q: How can I help REGI beyond buying a "Feathered Hope Series" print?
A: If you would like to contribute to REGI's cause but either are not interested in a print purchase or want to do even more to help, please visit REGI's website for additional opportunities ranging from monetary donations, bird adoptions, fulfilling wish list items or even volunteering your time.

Have a question that isn't answered here? We love to receive email and would be more than happy to answer your inquiry. Please use the "Contact Us" page and let us know what's on your mind.