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Get off your "Qush"!

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Whether you wear it, drink from it, hang it on the  wall or stick it where you please, you'll be doing it in style and showing your REGi support with your new Get off your "Qush" gear!

In honor of 200,000th vote in support for Marge Gibson's 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award nomination, we are thrilled to offer this striking image of REGI's own Qushquluk, the American Bald Eagle!  Qushquluk, or "Qush" is a survivor of the 1989 Valdez Oil Spill and was rescued by Marge herself.  Having lost her mate and a portion of her wing in the disaster, she has been a member of the REGI education team since its inception back in 1990.  Marge estimates that Qushquluk is now in her 50's making her one of the oldest known Bald Eagles in captivity today.

Your purchase of this amazing print or any Café Press item will give you a great sense of pride in knowing that you're not only showing your REGI support and encouraging others to do the same, but that the proceeds from your purchases are also donated to REGI to help support their operation. 

Qushquluk Prints

These beautiful prints of this magnificent eagle are sure to capture the hearts of the bird lovers in your family.  The 8x10 is printed edge to edge, includes the Feathered Hope watermark and sells for $25.  The 16x20 includes a light grey border with "Qushquluk" title and a margin to accommodate matting and framing if you opt to do so at a later date and is priced at $75.  Each order is assessed an $8 shipping and handling fee regardless of the number of prints ordered.  To order, please email us at  with the size(s) and quantity(s) you wish to purchase.  We'll send  you a PayPal invoice to complete the transaction and send them on their way when payment is received.

Get off your "Qush" Gear

In addition to the beautiful prints, we've also designed some wonderful Cafe Press products we think you'll love sporting the "Get off your Qush" mantra!  We know your support is greatly appreciated by Raptor Education Group, Inc. and their many education birds and patients and now you can encourage those around you to show their support as well.  Head on over to to chose from a wide variety of cool products!


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