Giving Back

We have a bird bias.
We share our nest with our two feathered children, a pair of amazing African Red-Bellied parrots named Mwanga and Ndugu. They are truly intelligent, social and often comical characters that continue to teach us daily what it means to be a valued member of a flock . They have forever changed our lives and the way we view our wild feathered friends.

We have a passion for photography. Lisadawn's experience with a camera dates back to the days of film and darkrooms whereas my own photographic journey started much more recently. Regardless of our backgrounds, we share a love for still photography as a means to share how we view our world. Combining birds with photography was a natural progression that has enriched our lives in ways that would be difficult to put into words. It seems only fitting then that we share our experiences through photography as a vehicle to give back to something that offers us so much enjoyment. Enter "Feathered Hope".

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to offer our very best images in support of an incredible cause. When you invest in a "Feathered Hope Series" print you not only get to share in the moment with a beautiful piece of art, but you're supporting the rehabilitation and release of wild birds at the same time. We are extremely fortunate to be located near a world renowned rehabilitation center dedicated to helping injured and orphaned birds.
REGI staff attending to a juvenile bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning
Raptor Education Group, Inc. (REGI) in Antigo, WI is a non-profit organization comprised of an incredible group of individuals dedicated to performing miracles every day. According to their website they have three main goals:
  1. To create a safe haven for injured wildlife while they heal and until they are ready to be released back into the wild. 
  2. To develop nutritional protocol, rehabilitation methods and husbandry based on the natural history of the bird to assure a successful release. 
  3. To create a broader understanding of native birds, their behavior and habitat needs among the public and the scientific community. 

We are not affiliated with this incredible organization, but we do believe very strongly in the work they do. While they give freely of their time and talents, there is significant overhead involved in operating such a facility. With no state or federal funding, public donations are critical to their future success. For this reason, we are incredibly proud to do our part by donating the proceeds from every print sale to their cause.

When you purchase a "Feathered Hope Series" print, you'll feel that same sense of pride every time you view it knowing that you invested in supporting their efforts.

REGI staff releasing a rehabilitated bald eagle back into the wild.
We will continually be introducing new prints to the series.  We encourage you to follow us here on the website or through one of the many social media outlets to keep informed as additional limited edition prints are released.

Thank you for your support.
Ken & Lisadawn Schram