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Marge Gibson Eagle Rare Life Award 2014 Nominee!

We are thrilled to announce Marge Gibson, Executive Director of Raptor Education Group, Inc., as an
official nominee of the 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award!

The Bald Eagle in this photo was previously struck by a vehicle and suffered a broken wing.  Unable to hunt, this beautiful creature faced certain death.  Under Marge's care and that of her REGI staff, this magnificent feathered friend was nursed back to health.  Thirty seconds after this photo was taken of Marge providing some last minute comfort to her patient, he was back in the air soaring high above the Wisconsin River and starting the rest of his life.

That in itself is a remarkable story.  What's even more incredible, however, is that Marge and her organization have treated more than 10,000 native birds at REGI since their beginning in 1990!  It's one of the many reasons we are honored to nominate her for the 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award.  

The contest runs now through January 7th, 2014 at which time the top 20 submitted stories will be judged by the sponsor and reduced to a field of 7. Of those 7 selected nominees, a single non-profit will receive the grand prize of $40,000 with the remaining 6 each collecting a $4,000 prize!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help earn Marge the recognition she so rightly deserves while also helping to fund the daily miracles that take place at Raptor Education Group, Inc. You can read, vote on and share her nomination at

We greatly appreciate your support.

- Ken & Lisadawn Schram


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