The Artists

Lisadawn Schram
I know more than a little about a lot, due to my interest in practically everything. There are very FEW things I have not done in my life. I was a Network Engineer for much of my life, until I became disabled due to back and neck injuries. I have now taken up my old interest in photography, mainly wildlife, specifically wild birds. I also have a woodworking shop and love all things DIY. My philosophy is to work thru the pain, staying as busy as possible, to live life to the fullest: I ain't dead yet! I am open minded and fun. I wear my heart on my sleeve, preferring wild outdoor places to crowded indoor places.

Ken Schram

I've lived, worked and played in Central Wisconsin all my life, but it wasn't until my wife presented me with my first DSLR for Christmas in 2008 that I actually started to really see it. The simple act of raising a camera to my eye has made me realize just how much of nature's beauty I had taken for granted the majority of my life. Whether standing with my wife before a beautiful landscape or drifting along in our kayaks or driving the back roads in search of wildlife, capturing and sharing my view of the world through photography has quickly become my passion in life. I simply cannot get enough.

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