Stories From Behind the Lens

Have you had the opportunity to read the story behind “Still Watchful” and how it inspired the creation of Feathered Hope?
It is said that the quality of a photograph is determined by the emotions it stirs within its viewer.  Those emotions are the direct result of the internal story we as viewers tell ourselves while we experience the work of art.  Just as there are many viewers, there are often even more possible interpretations.  That’s one of the many fascinating aspects to art no matter what the medium.
It is also said that there are two sides to every story.  It is with that in mind that we introduce “From Behind the Lens”.  This is our chance to share with you what we experienced while capturing a particular moment.   The purpose is not to alter your own interpretation, but rather to share what it was like to be looking through the viewfinder the moment the camera issued the “click” that froze a particular moment in time and allowed us to share it with the world.
As new prints are released into the “Feathered Hope Series”, so to will be additional stories that share the magical moments we were so blessed to have experienced.  Each print sold includes not only a Certificate of Authenticity, but also an attractive printed copy of the accompanying “From Behind the Lens” retelling from the photographer’s point of view.
In the future, you can navigate to the “From Behind the Lens” feature from the right-hand sidebar on the “Home” page and then simply select the desired story from the drop down.
We thank you for taking the time to share in this very special cause with us.  Enjoy.
Ken & Lisadawn Schram


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