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REGI Patient Update

REGI posted a new photo album  on Facebook recently with some patient updates showing promise for many of the recent admissions.  Unfortunately it also illustrates that many of those recent newcomers are there as a direct result of poor judgement by members of our own species.

While the poisoning of the bald eagle is likely an indirect result of human action such as poisoning rodents that the eagle digested, two of the other patients, a barred owl and a rough-legged hawk, are both there due to intended actions - gunshots.

Many of us can probably admit that at some point we have put out mouse or rat poison in an attempt to rid ourselves of the pesky rodents without ever giving a thought to the chain reaction we've unwittingly started.  The mouse digests the poison, wanders out into the field and is then digested by a bird of prey or other predator who then becomes poisoned themselves.  While there are movements underway to ban the use of these household poisons for this very reason, they are still widely used unfortunately.  Please, if you or someone you know need to initiate pest control measures do NOT use poisons.  There are a number of alternatives including good old fashioned spring traps that eliminate possibility of "the chain reaction".

As for the gunshot wounds, there is little doubt that it's a result of someone's idea of "sport".  Very obviously not game birds, these two birds are the victims of senseless crime.  If you are ever witness to such an act, please take the time to report it to local law enforcement and/or Department of Natural Resource officials.

You can view the photos and updates here.  Keep up the excellent work, REGI!


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