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"Looney Times" at Raptor Education Group

Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to be on hand for the release of 2 rehabilitated Common Loons which put the exclamation point on what can only be described as an incredibly "looney" period for REGI.

Spring of 2013 is one for the record books here in Wisconsin.  Just when we thought spring had finally arrived, winter continued to return with a vengeance.  While a minor inconvenience for us, the effect was devastating for our wild feathered friends as Northwoods lakes remained covered in ice LONG after our migrating friends expected to find open water.  Couple that with several storms which brought snow and freezing rain during the migration and you end up with what is known as a "fall out" where birds are literally forced from the sky.

All told, more than 60 Common Loons were cared for by Marge Gibson and her REGI staff over many, many long days and sleepless nights.  Requiring as much as a 1/2 mile of open water to regain flight, these many loons were at the mercy of the countless caring individuals that helped them to find their way to Raptor Education Group where they could get the help they so desperately needed.  The above loon was found by a wonderful couple who aptly named him "Summit" after the location in which he was found.

WAOW was on hand to share their story.

After the unforgettable experience of my first REGI visit (See "My Visit to REGI"), it was just as breathtaking to watch the happiness of two loons being returned to their rightful place.  Although it will take them a bit to gain the strength need to leave this lake, it is the perfect place for them to recuperate in the wild.  Very few houses on one side of the shore only, no boats with motors, and finally here in Wisconsin, a nice day.  This special feeling of camaraderie watching the loons embrace their new found freedom, meeting the wonderful people responsible for the initial rescue, and being able to spend a few moments with Marge et al,  was a very memorable and heartfelt moment indeed.

Remember, we are less than 2 weeks away from randomly drawing our winner in the Feathered Hope Challenge!  If you'd like to participate and have yet to do so, you can read all about it by following the link below.

Feathered Hope Challenge


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